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Welcome to Pakistan Welfare Association Southampton

“ We are passionate about developing the skills of our local community and the young people we serve. ”

Expand your skill-set, meet inspiring individuals, and express your passion for Pakistani culture by getting involved with our organisation. We invite scholars, politicians, poets, artists, and dignitaries from a variety of disciplines to share their interests within our community. In addition to sharing artistic talents, expertise, and knowledge to our charity, we arrange exhibitions, festivals, and remembrance-day celebrations. Passionate about our cultural heritage, we aid members of the local community.

For more than 50 years we have taken pride in our status as a reputable Pakistani Community Organisation. Supported by Southampton City Council, we are a trustworthy community welfare organisation with the objective to reduce social isolation. We began our organisation in 1962, when our English-speaking members became inspired to reshape and tackle issues within the community.

Celebrating the promotion of peace, harmony, tolerance, unity, and community cohesion in a multicultural society, we are a unique association thriving in Southampton.

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Latest news and events.

Newly elected Committee Members 2019 – 21

President: Abdulhafiz Sumro Vice President: Ajmal Sudhan Secretary General: Wajahat Qureshi Treasurer Senior Vice President Deputy General Secretary ...
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Jun 23, 2018

Sports Day

May 28, 2018

Kids Football

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